Car Buying Secret to Save up to $1,500! (GM Vehicles)

Brooke and I have reached the point where we are ready to trade in/up/out of our old vehicles.  I’ve had my eye on a shiny new truck, and she wants a sleek, fuel efficient car.  We spent some time researching pricing, trim, option packages, and financing options.  During all of our research, however, we never stumbled upon this secret until I was tipped off by a clever salesman!IMG_7395As is my nature, I scrutinize every detail of a car buying transaction.  The MSRP, sticker price, trade in value, financing rate, add-in options, and dealer incentives all pass under my microscope lens during the negotiation.  Once I had worked what I considered to be a great deal, I asked the salesman if he knew of any additional discounts.  He thought momentarily, and ran through the manufacturer incentives.

Manufacturer Incentives – These are rebates that the manufacturer offers to the dealer, which they can pass along to customers to entice a purchase.  “Bonus Cash of $2,000” or “GM Finance incentive of $1,000” are examples.  These result in direct savings to the price of your car.  In my case, General Motors has a hidden set of incentives known as Private Offers.  These offers are like a last ditch effort to get you from the website into a dealership, by offering up to $1,500 off the price of a new vehicle.  So, how do you get one of these private offers??

I can only speak specifically for Chevrolet here, but I believe that any GM model will work with this method.  This exact method worked for BOTH mine and Brooke’s car purchase!  I believe that GM will promote various car models with this method, but I specifically searched for Impalas and it worked TWICE.

  1. Adjust your browser settings to private and disable your popup blocker.  This also works on mobile, as I did both with my iPhone while SITTING IN THE DEALERSHIP!
  2. Visit the Chevrolet website. (or GMC, Cadillac, etc.)
  3. Select “Cars”
  4. Select “Impala”
  5. Select “Build & Price”
  6. Select “Step 1: Trim” and pick 2LT
  7. Continue to build your car until a pop up screen opens.  It should state that you are getting a private offer with a dollar amount.   Mine was “up to $1,500.”FullSizeRender
  8. Fill in your information and submit.  It will generate a form with an authorization code and PIN.  Take this to the dealer for your discount!!


These incentives are not transferrable to other people – you must find them yourself if you’re purchasing the car.  However, if you are searching an Impala when you get the offer, it can still be used for another car/truck model per the offer terms!  There you have it!  We saved $1,500 on a Silverado and $1,000 on an Impala!  Total savings of $2,500 for 5 minutes of web browsing inside the car dealership!!  

Hat tip to Josh and Bill at Jim Falk Chevrolet for this great tip!  If your’e looking to buy a Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC, these are the guys to work with!  They sell cars & trucks coast to coast through the website and will ship directly to your door.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.  Let them know I sent you, and I’ll get a nice little referral bonus 🙂


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