American Express Personal Platinum 100,000/$3k Offer Available via Incognito Browser

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Many agree that the American Express Platinum card is one of the best in the points game.  It comes with a host of premium benefits, including a $200 airline credit annually, SPG gold status, free Gogo in-flight internet, and Centurion Lounge access… just to name a few!  This card usually comes with a 40,000 Membership Reward (MR) Point bonus.  However, using a technology trick, you can access the 100,000 MR Point bonus, likely for a limited time.

The 100,000 MR point bonus for $3k in spending is the best offer ever for the personal Platinum card!  Since American Express changed their terms to only allow one bonus per lifetime on a personal card, now is the best time to go for it.  This card does carry a $450 annual fee that is not waived, but the bonus and benefits far exceed the annual fee.  This card is an absolute no brainer.  I will write a follow-up post explaining how to maximize this card.  You should act quickly, because this loophole will likely close soon.

Step 1 – Open your browser in private mode or incognito mode.  I have confirmed that Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome work for this method.

Step 2 – Follow this link for the Amex Platinum.

If you are lucky, the 100,000 point offer will appear immediately.  I was not quite so lucky!

Step 3 – Clear your cookies, restart your computer.  Then repeat Steps 1 & 2 until the offer appears.

It literally took me 50+ attempts before the offer finally appeared!  However, some people are reporting success on their very first try.  Either way, perseverance paid off.

Step 4(a) – Fill out the application and submit.  You will likely get a message that their system is experiencing issues.  There will be a link with this message that allows you to check your application status.  Click this link to find out if you were approved.

Step 4(b) – You may also get a message saying that your application requires further review.  I highly recommend calling 1-866-314-0237.  I called, and they simply verified my information and issued an instant approval!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.32.33 PM

There you have it!  I tested this process less than an hour ago, and it worked!  Good luck with your search.  Cheers!


7 thoughts on “American Express Personal Platinum 100,000/$3k Offer Available via Incognito Browser

  1. For anyone having issues getting the offer — I got the 40k offer on every try (20+ tries) until I turned off AdBlock. Once I did that, I got it on the first try. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but thought it might be worth a try for others.


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