Amex Platinum + MileagePlus X + Amazon + GameStop for Quadruple Miles Earning


We love to have guest writers on the blog.  I enjoy when people identify new tricks and share them with me.  Loophole Travel reader Arneal P. (/u/Phantom707 on Reddit) discovered a way to optimize the well-known Amex Platinum/MPX/Amazon loophole!  He contributed the following writeup.  If you are thinking of buying Amazon gift cards through the MileagePlus X App, perhaps you should buy GameStop gift cards instead.

With the recent deluge of applications (and nearly all successful) for the American Express Platinum credit card, a lot of people are planning to use the MPX app to buy Amazon gift cards.  Thus, allowing them to take advantage of the Amex Platinum’s $200 (or the Amex Gold’s $100) airline incidental statement credit.  However, this may not be the optimal decision.  Instead of earning only ONE United mile-per-dollar spent towards Amazon through the app, it would be more beneficial to purchase GameStop gift cards at FOUR miles-per-dollar.

GameStop is known for having a fairly liberal policy of allowing purchase of third-party gift cards with their own gift cards, so you could use your gift code from the app to buy the desired Amazon gift card.  Some stores only carry Amazon Kindle gift cards, but they function the same as regular Amazon gift cards!  You can verify local Kindle GC availability here by clicking “check availability.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 5.17.02 PM

This is, of course, still YMMV.  Not all stores carry Amazon (or Kindle) gift cards, and even if they do, they may be out at the time that you go in.  Further, even though the systems will allow it, you may still encounter resistance from your local store in using a gift card to purchase a gift card.  I have personally done this multiple times with a printed GameStop gift card, but your experiences may differ.

In the end, though, I think that it is worth the small effort to get quadruple the amount of United miles that you would have earned by simply buying an Amazon GC.  If you use the Platinum statement credit twice (one per calendar year), the difference would be getting 1600 miles instead of 400 miles, which can be a nice bonus.  You will also earn additional 25% mileage bonus if you have your United MileageExplorer Plus card linked to your MPX app!  This takes your earnings to 2,000 United miles using the Gamestop loophole.  Be sure to select United as your chosen airline for the fee credit before implementing this strategy.  

Total Earnings Breakdown:

  • $400 Amazon GCs
  • 2,000 United Miles
  • 400 Membership Rewards Points

Total Cost: $0

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2 thoughts on “Amex Platinum + MileagePlus X + Amazon + GameStop for Quadruple Miles Earning

  1. Thank you for the tip, I didn’t notice that GameStop GCs gave more points and I certainly didn’t know you could use them to buy Amazon GCs.

    I recently bought a $50 GC with the United MileagePlus X app on August 31st, but I noticed that reimbursement didn’t post until October 9th. I was starting to think it wan’t going to go through. Does it usually take this long to post?


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