Deal of the Year: 22-30% CASH BACK with Discover!

it-card-artAuthor’s Note: We earn a commission for some links on this site.  Please see our Advertiser Disclosure for information.

UPDATE: Discover announced that gift cards will not be included in the Apple Pay promotion.  While it makes big profits more difficult, this is still a great deal.  

You may want to sit down for this one!  If you thought our previous posts about the Companion Pass, the secret 100k Amex Platinum offer, or the FREE roundtrip Hawaii tickets were great deals… well, you would be correct.  But seriously, this new offer from Discover trumps all of those!

The Discover IT card has been overlooked for a long time.  It is basically Discover’s answer to the Chase Freedom card.  The IT card offers a standard 1% cash back on all purchase and 5% cash back on rotating categories each quarter.  This was not particularly exciting until Discover announced in July that they would be doubling all cash back for 13 months on new accounts.  Now the relatively unexciting cash back became quite a bit better at 2% on all purchases and 10% on rotating categories.

Today, everything got crazy!  Discover rocked the miles/points game with an announcement: They will be offering an additional 10% CASH back on all in-store transactions using Apple Pay with your linked discover card!  This offer caps at $10,000 spent, and it ends on 12/31/2015.


Discover reps on Twitter have confirmed that this 10% is on top of the standard 1% cash back on all purchases or 5% on category purchases!!  Additionally, EVERYTHING will be DOUBLED!!  Quick math shows (1% + 10%) x 2 = 22% back on purchases or (5% categories + 10%) x 2 = 30% back on category purchases!!  This means $2,200 – $3,000 PER CARD!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.59.17 PM

You will be able to add your Discover card to Apple pay on 9/16/15 when iOS 9 is released.  So, go ahead and grab the card ASAP!  If you apply using the links in this post, you will also get $50 cash back.  The double cash back promotion will automatically be added to your card, and the CASH will be credited after 12 statements.  So, the sooner you get the card, the sooner you can rack up the CASH!

Apple Pay is accepted at these stores, and Discover gives this list of department and clothing stores (4Q category).  Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are the two department stores that appear on both lists, and any clothing store that accepts apple pay should work.  I personally plan to buy gift Visa cards at grocery stores or Walgreens to earn the 22%, and then liquidate them using manufactured spending techniques.  This is a HUGE opportunity, so don’t miss out!

Discover IT application link


4 thoughts on “Deal of the Year: 22-30% CASH BACK with Discover!

  1. Does anybody really think this is a bonus of 10% of the purchase amount, as opposed to a bonus of 10% of the rewards you would get without using Apple Pay?
    That is: spend $10,000 with your Discover It card via swipe, get $10,000 * 1% = $100 cash back.
    Spend $10,000 with your Discover It card via Apple Pay, get $10,000 * 1% = $100 cash back + 10% * $100 = $10 Apple Pay BONUS cash back.

    As opposed to the (incredibly unlikely): spend $10,000 with your Discover It card via swipe, get $10,000 * 1% = $100 cash back.
    Spend $10,000 with your Discover It card via Apply Pay, get $10,000 * (1% + 10%) = $1,100 cash back.

    It’s clearly a BONUS of 10% of the cash back you get without using Apple Pay, not a BONUS of 10% of what you spend as cash back. Right?


  2. I just saw this on Discover’s Website that makes me worry about this manufactured spending plan.
    “Enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay and earn an extra 10% Cashback Bonus* on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases when you use your Discover card with Apple Pay. Now through 12/31/15. Excludes gift card purchases.”
    That last line seems pretty clear – but wanted to see if you have any precedence to think Visa gift cards wouldn’t be excluded.


    • The last line was added yesterday, likely in reaction to the flurry of “odd spending.” Discover cashback takes 2 statement cycles to post, so data points will be slow coming. I will be sure to update when I know more.

      Most people believe it is a bluff by Discover to discourage people to pursue the MS route. It would require the merchants to disclose the details of every transaction (level 3 reporting), however most merchants (Walgreens) are level 2. Maybe they will scrutinize purchase of $504.95, but there is realistically no way for them to prove you were buying gift cards.


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