Secret American Express Bonus Offers

Amex Offer

American Express generally has good bonuses for their credit cards.  However, with this simple trick, you can find some AMAZING, hidden bonuses for those same credit cards.  I wrote about how to use this method to find the very rare American Express Platinum 100,000 offer, but it can be used for many other cards as well.  Follow along to find out how.

Public offers are easy to find, but hidden offers are actually not much more difficult to track down.  You basically need to conceal your browser history by using an “incognito browser,” so that the American Express website believes you are a first time visitor.  This way, their technology tries to woo you with a great offer!

The following offers have been confirmed at different times, but availability can be hit or miss.  If you do not get the offer on your first attempt, try reloading or closing/opening the page a few times.

Credit Card Incognito Offer Public Offer Annual Fee
PlatinumHow to Maximize 100,000 MR/$3,000 40,000 MR/$3,000 $450**
Business Rewards Gold 75,000 MR/$10,000 25,000 MR/$5,000 $175*
Premier Rewards Gold 50,000 MR/$1,000 25,000 MR/$2,000 $195*
Everyday Preferred 30,000 MR/$2,000 15,000 MR/$1,000 $95
EverydayKeep Rewards for Free 25,000 MR/$2,000 10,000 MR/$1,000 $0
Blue Cash Preferred $250 Credit/$1,000 $150 Credit/$1,000 $75
Blue Cash Everyday $250 Credit/$1,000 $100 Credit/$1,000 $0

* AF waived for the first year
** $450 fee can be avoided (future post) – YMMV

Step 1 – Clear your browser cookies and close the browser window.  (Copy the address for this page first.)

Step 2 – Open your browser in private mode or incognito mode and return to this page.  I have confirmed that Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome work for this method.

Step 3 – Follow this link in the table above for your offer of choice.  If you are lucky, the incognito offer will appear immediately.  I was not quite so lucky!

Step 4 – If the offer does not appear, try refreshing the window.  If this still does not work, clear your cookies, restart your computer.  Then repeat Steps 1-3 until the offer appears.

It literally took me 50+ attempts before some of the offers finally appeared!  However, some people are reporting success on their very first try.

Step 5(a) – Fill out the application and submit. You may get a notice that your application is processing.  Click this link to check the status of your application.

Step 5(b) – You may also get a message saying that your application requires further review.  I highly recommend calling 1-866-314-0237.  I called, and they simply verified my information and issued an instant approval!

Bonus Value

I value membership rewards points around 2 cents per point due to their ability to transfer to various travel partners.  Considering this value, these bonuses range in value from $250 to $2,000!!  Good luck finding these secret offers.  These are all separate products, so you can get the bonus from a few different cards.  Cheers!


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