Save $10 on Amazon with Citi and Discover!

amazon_logoCiti and Discover are both offering $10 off promotions on Amazon.  These offers are targeted, and they make you jump through quite a bit of hoops to set up your purchase.  However, this method makes the offers available to you, even if you weren’t targeted, thanks to some simple coding.  I will walk you through the process to save $10 with your Citi and Discover cards at Amazon.

UPDATE: The DISCOVER deal appears to have expired as of 12/15/15.  The Citi deal will be available through 1/16/15.

UPDATE: Check out our list of 20 travel items that are eligible for this deal!

For this to work, you must have a Citi credit card and/or a Discover IT card.  You can save $10 with both cards on separate transactions. This will work with Google Chrome and Safari.  Here are the steps:

  1. Add your Citi and/or Discover card to your Amazon Payment Options – Go ahead and log into your account and add your cards as payment options.  This will make the following steps work much more smoothly.Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.54.58 PM
  2. Select and copy the following entire block of code: 
    (function(){document.body.innerHTML='<center><h1>== Activation ==<br /><br /><a href="">Discover Promo</a><br /><br /><a href="">Citi Promo</a></h1><br /><br /><h3><a href="">(Test Item)</a></h3></center>'}()); void(0);
  3. Click this link to Amazon, and paste the code into the browser search bar (DO NOT hit Enter)
  4. Add “ javascript: to the front of the code and hit Enter – If you did it correctly, you should see a screen like this.Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.37.22 PM
  5. Click your offer of choice and confirm – Both offers will work if you have the appropriate credit card.  However, they must be used on separate transactions.
  6. Select items that are SOLD and SHIPPED by Amazon – This will work on any item sold and shipped by amazon!  Items that are less than $10 will be FREE!  Here is a list of 20 eligible travel-related items that we recommend.  Notice how these item listings show the following notice: Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.47.23 PM
  7. Proceed to checkout and select the appropriate payment method – For each promotion, you must select the appropriate credit card as your payment method for the discount to appear.
  8. Verify the discount and confirm your order – Congrats on saving up to $10!Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.13.14 AM
  9. Rinse and Repeat! – If you have both cards, start back at step 4 and use the other offer.

UPDATE: If you also have a Chase Ultimate Rewards card, check out this post to save another $10!

I hope this helps you all save on you purchases at Amazon!  What will you buy with your discounts?

If you find the content on Loophole Travel useful, please consider supporting us by using our Amazon Affiliate Link.  Simply right click and bookmark this link.  Use it when you shop on Amazon, and we will earn a small commission on your purchases.  Thank you! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Save $10 on Amazon with Citi and Discover!

    • Make sure the item is shipped and sold by Amazon and you are using the appropriate card for the offer. If that doesn’t work, send a message to Amazon customer service. They are good with fixing errors.


    • I just checked back, and the Citi promo still appears to be live. Make sure you’re using a Citi card as the payment option and that you’ve selected items that are sold & shipped by Amazon.


  1. I got up to the “activation” page and clicked citi but no discount was given even when I picked something that is sold and shipped by Amazon. Looks like this is dead


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