Quick Tip – Extra 10,000 to 30,000 AA Miles


If you applied for the Citi AA Platinum card recently, you may be in luck!  Citi is currently offering a (targeted) 60,000 AA mile sign up bonus on this card.  If you applied for the 30,000- or 50,000-mile bonus within the past 90 days, Citi will match the higher sign up bonus! 

Simply send Citi a message on your online account requesting that they match the higher bonus on your card.  You should hear back within a few hours.  Even if you are using the current loophole to get your second or third card, they will still match the bonus as long as you are within 90 days from your application!  I was able to get the match on our second and third cards… boom, extra 20,000 miles per person!

This is the message I sent:

Hi – It has come to my attention that a 60,000 point offer was available for this card. Could you please match that offer for my account with an additional 10,000 points? Thank you very much for the consideration!

This was the response from Citi:


Go ahead and try this simple trick, and hopefully you can grab some extra AA miles!  Cheers!


24 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Extra 10,000 to 30,000 AA Miles

    • Nice! I don’t generally pay attention to the interest rate on any of the offers, because I advocate paying balance in full each month. Although 0% for 14 months is very solid!


  1. The way i see 0% interest rates is it allows me to float some of my manufactured spending and earn a little extra interest in my bank account (1.10% with mysavingsdirect). I keep all of my credit cards paid off every month except the ones with 0% for XX months, and on those i leave about 10%-20% of the CL on them every month


    • Absolutely. 0% offers all sorts of opportunities for arbitrage. Just keep in mind that the outstanding balance will have an impact on your credit score via the utilization ratio.


  2. Still works! I applied for the AA Platinum Select a few days ago with the 50k offer and was approved. Got my card, added it to my online account, and sent a secure message asking to be matched to 60k. They replied within a day to say:

    “We added the additional 10,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles to your account. This adjustment will be included in the total monthly mileage on your statement within 2 billing periods.”

    Thanks a lot for the tip!!!


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