Quick Tip for QuikTrip – Amex Offer


A new Amex offer just popped up for Quiktrip.  The details of the offer allow you to get a $5 statement credit when you spend $5 in store, not at the pump.  You can use the offer TWICE per card for a total savings of $10 per card.  I was able to add this offer on 17 of our Amex cards using the multiple tab technique.


The best use I see for this offer is to go into the store buy $10 gift cards.  Ask the cashier to split the $10 gift card purchase into two $5 swipes on the same card.  This process will trigger both $5 offers on that Amex card!  I personally use this to buy 17 cards for $170 in free gas!!  Act quickly, because this offer will likely disappear.  Cheers!



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