Two Easy Steps for a Free New York City Weekend Vacation

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By: Frank – @dugup46  The first reaction I receive from people when I tell them I am a world traveler is, “Wow!  That is something I have always wanted to do, but I could never afford it.”  Well, I wrote this simple post just for you (and your significant other) to show you that world-class travel is very much within your reach!  By following this very beginner-friendly guide, you will be booking your $4,000 New York City weekend getaway as early as this spring.  This guide will explain the steps to use publicly-available deals to cover airfare and hotel costs from anywhere in the United States for two people!  So if you have 15 minutes, let’s go ahead and get started!

  1. Airline Transportation – If you’re like me, you don’t live in NYC.  So we need to book our airfare.  Airline transportation alone can cost you as much as $1,000 round trip for each person!  To offset this cost, we can sign up for the Chase Southwest Airlines Premiere Credit Card.  This card offers 50,000 Southwest Rapid Reward miles for spending $2,000 in the first 90 days of opening the card.  You are also required to pay a $99 annual fee up front.  This would provide more than enough miles to get you to NYC from anywhere in the country.  And you’ll very likely have a couple of extra flights for free after that!
  2. Hotel Accommodations – If you’re thinking, “this is the part he provides us with an old hostel 20 miles outside the city,” you could not be further from the truth.  I actually had the Park Hyatt New York City located just outside of Central Park in mind.  During peak season, those rooms can go for more than $1,000 a night!  To offset the cost of the hotel you can sign up for the Chase Hyatt Credit Card which provides you two nights in any Hyatt in the world after spending $1,000 in the first 90 days.  And before you ask, yes, you and your partner can sign up individually and earn FOUR free nights if you want to stay a little longer!
Park Hyatt Entrance – New York City, NY

Recap:  By simply applying for one Chase Hyatt and one Chase Southwest Premiere we are able to take a weekend trip to New York City for two people, staying in one of the most prestigious hotels in the city.  If you and your partner both apply for the Chase Hyatt, you could turn this into a four night vacation.  Both cards combined require you to spend $3,000 in the first three months of opening, and the Southwest Premiere does require you to pay a $99 fee up front.  This should be a reasonable amount to spend for most any family’s needs.  If $3,000 sounds like a lot, check out our guide to manufactured spending.  Also, if you do not like the cards after using them for a year, you can always call Chase to cancel before the annual fee posts the following year.  Although, the Hyatt card provides a free night every year the annual fee ($75) is paid!

In closing, since you have already earned 50,000 Southwest Airline miles, you should really read about the Southwest Companion Pass which gives you a free ticket for your companion whenever you buy one for yourself (using cash or miles!)  We have a great write up about the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass here!

Did you find this article helpful?  Will you be staying in NYC or some other U.S. city?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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