$20 Off $300 in Visa Gift Cards at OfficeMax


By: Frank – @dugup46 – For a very limited time, OfficeMax is offering $20 off a $300 purchase of Visa Gift Cards!  This offer is available from December 21st through December 26th.  There is a limit of two instant rebates per customer, however, we have found the limit is not enforced by the register!  Read the full article below to get all the details…

What type of cards does this discount apply to?

The $20 discount applies toward any Visa Gift Cards issued by Metabank.  This offer is not available at Office Depot locations.  If you are unaware (like me) the variable gift cards are for cash purchase only.  OfficeMax does typically have fixed $200 (with a $6.95 activation fee) amounts in stock, so buying three of those triggers the bonus twice!  I was able to pick up $600 worth of VGC for only $580.85!

How many can I buy?

While the official policy is two discounts per customer, we have found that this is not enforced by the cash register.  You can always try for more; however, if your cashier says NO – do not give them a hard time!  The rules are the rules!

Why is this a big deal?

This is a great deal because you can use cards such as the Chase Ink Plus which gives you 5x Ultimate Rewards points on office purchases.  So just $600 can net you 3,000 UR points worth a minimum of $30!  This deal is also not enforced per location, card, or customer so one could easily visit three or four locations to really maximize their profits!


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