Save $5 using the Amazon App


Amazon is promoting their mobile app by offering a $5 discount.  If you have not used the Amazon app to make a purchase in the past 12 months, you are eligible for this discount.  Follow these simple instructions to take advantage of this offer.

Step 1:  Click this link (must be on mobile), which will launch the Amazon app on your smart phone.  **If you do not already have the most updated version of the app, you may need to download or update it.

Step 2:  Once inside the app, you will need to verify your mobile number.  Enter your phone number, and Amazon will send you a code via text message.  Enter the code to verify your phone number.  The app should indicate that you are eligible for the discount!

Step 3:  Find a product that is shipped and sold by Amazon, and the $5 discount will be applied automatically at checkout.  Your total purchase must be over $10.

This is a simple way to save some cash, be sure to take advantage before it goes away!  Cheers!


6 thoughts on “Save $5 using the Amazon App

    • Jet is a VERY random site in my opinion. They are still figuring things out. I bought 12 Glencairn Whisky glasses for $31 (using the Amex offer)… Normal retail is $10/glass. Also picked up a home camera studio setup for $47, Amazon has it for $179. Make sure to find a discount code for your first purchase (15-25%, changes all the time). You can also stock up on home products like paper towels, groceries, etc. Cannot split purchases among multiple cards either, so try to get as close to $50 total per purchase.


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