Update on IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

Bungalows sur l'eau, Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort
Over Water Bungalows, Intercontinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort

By: Frank – @dugup46 – UPDATE: 1/19/2016 – Widespread reports of people not winning a prize with today’s batch of emails.  Please click “Continue Reading” for further updates.

It’s already been nearly two months since I originally wrote about how you can Earn a Minimum of 47,000 IHG Points for $50 through IHG’s Priceless Surprise Promotion!  This contest is still going on through February, so get to writing!  I am pleased to say that I have received and played all 94 entries that I sent in during the beginning of December.  While I can’t sit here and tell you that I won a million IHG points or a helicopter and stay in New York City, I did have a couple big winners!  Let’s jump in and see exactly what I received and what you can expect… 

In total, I won 55,500 IHG points – more than enough points to book a night at in an over water villa at the Intercontinental in Bora Bora.  Although the contest says that you will get a reply in five days, it looks like that will be more like one month.  My 94 entries came in three waves of emails, spread out by a week or so each time.  The first wave contained 44 emails, second wave had 6 emails, and third wave had the remaining 44 emails.  All emails were sent at the exact same time in the day (I would receive 44 emails all at like 12:03pm).

The subject line will read: You qualify for a Priceless Surprise®!
The email account will be: IHGRewardsClub@eprizepromotions.com

Here is a breakdown of the winning emails (all are winners) and how many points I won:

5000 Points 1
2000 Points 2
1000 Points 2
500 Points 89
Total Points 55,500

Let us know how you did by commenting below!  I’m anxious to see if somebody within the community wins one of the grand prizes.  Pro tip:  All grand prizes have dates and times set before the contest starts.  To maximize your chances of winning, you’ll want to play your email entries around 5AM EST.  This is when the least amount of entries will be played, maximizing your chance to land on one of the golden times!  Good luck!


11 thoughts on “Update on IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

    • They are way behind! It should be coming though – and make sure to check your Spam filter! A lot of people are saying the emails are going to spam.


  1. I got nuttin yet but I’m late to the party. Did you do any multiple entries per envelope? Read somewhere it works…………..thanks Ramsey


    • I went crazy and did 94 envelopes with 94 hand written addresses and 94 hand written post cards. People have reported that printing the address labels has worked; however, I didn’t want to take any chances.


  2. Got my first reply today from among multiple entries I made early in December — 5,000 points. Ran threw all the stamps in the house back then, and should have gone for more. Now I’m overseas.


  3. I just got all the emails today (mailed in 6-weeks ago). My wife is still waiting, we did it the same time. All my entries were for 500 points – some said ‘not a winner’ but it’s possible I doubleclicked on some of the emails so not sure if all will post.

    Will these automatically be entered into my account or do I need to now enter another code? It says I will receive an email with instructions…


    • Yeah I have no clue why it days that. Points will be deposited ibto your account in about 5 days. Can take up to another 2 weeks but generally about 5 days.


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