UPDATE #2: Citi AA Platinum World Elite Loophole Still Open!

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I covered this fantastic loophole, which allows you to break Citi’s 18-month rule, in a previous post, and updated here when we got our third cards!  Be sure to read those prior posts to avoid confusion here.  After three rounds of 50,000+ bonuses, I was virtually certain the loophole would close.  Fortunately, I was wrong!  It is still wide open.

We applied for our third round of Citi AA Platinum cards on 10/24/15.  Based on the timeframe that our first couple cards were converted from World to World Elite (2 months), I expected our upgraded cards in mid-December.  It took a bit longer this time, and I was ready to declare the loophole closed.  But wait!  I saw a notification on my Citi mobile app saying our upgraded cards were on the way!  Boom!  We got the new cards in late December and submitted new applications on 1/4/16.  After calling to shift credit lines around, we were both approved for ROUND FOUR of these 50,000 AA mile cards!!  Unbelievable!

In conclusion, this loophole is still alive and well!  It looks like we will be able to rinse and repeat this process every two months!  If you followed the instructions from our previous post(s), keep an eye out for your new cards in the mail and go for the next round with confidence.  Also, make sure to send a message to Citi and request that they match the 60,000 offer.  Cheers!

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27 thoughts on “UPDATE #2: Citi AA Platinum World Elite Loophole Still Open!

  1. My 4th bonus statement will close in 3 days. Then on to round five! Each of my 4 cards has been a $15k limit, but I close one out after each approval (leaving 2 open on application day). I’m concerned about maxing out my CL with Citi. I’m also getting worried there could be some repercussions. 5 cards is a lot… you would think when they eventually close this loophole they will run some type of algorithm to catch churners of this loophole.

    I’m concerned… just not concerned enough to pass up on the bonuses.


    • Oh yes, they will close this loophole for sure… at some point.
      Just like any other too good to be true tricks in the churning game, they die sooner or later.

      IMO I don’t think they’ll go after churners, it’ll take an entire post to explain why I think that, but no, I don’t think anything would happen to us.


  2. I have the old Citi AA Platinum card which is a Visa Signature. Can I apply for the new card which is a Master Card and get the 50K signup bonus? Any thoughts will be appreciated.


  3. So, my last Citi application was on Dec. 15 (for Business AA, and I was denied). Recently, however, my Personal AA just got changed to Elite. When should I re-apply? Assuming 2 Months from my last application with Citibank (approx. Feb. 15)?


  4. Data Point: Approved for 3rd card on January 22nd, wife got approved for 4th card today – 2/9. We are cancelling each card after getting the Elite upgrade and applying (and getting approved) for the next round. Also have received the 60,000 mile bonus match for the first 6 cards, as recently as 2/6/2016. Thanks for your hard work Jesse, that’s 507,000 miles if you include the Citi Gold Checking bonus,16,000 manufactured spend on the Citi Gold Checking initial funding (sorry to see that one go), and the 3,000 miles for the minimum spend on each card.


  5. I only have the World MC card since 2014, and no World Elite so far yet (but I was able to get them to waive the annual fee for the second year!). Should I call and ask Citi if they can upgrade me or would that be bad?


  6. Out of curiosity… how has this affected anyone’s credit score? I’m sorely tempted, but keeping my score high and healthy is a deterrent. Anyone been affected by the 3-4 extra credit checks a year from doing this?


  7. Oh No!
    Received the response below upon requesting the 10,000 bonus mile sign-up upgrade yesterday (2/21/2016). This was for a newly-opened Citi AA MC World card, had been playing the Elite upgrade loophole. Any other more recent data points out there?

    Dear Valued Customer:

    We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    Your account ending XXXX:

    As a current or former Citi AAdvantage Cardmember, you are not eligible
    for the one-time bonus miles offer. When you applied, terms and
    conditions of the offer include a disclosure that the bonus miles are
    not available to existing Cardmembers.

    Terms and conditions state Acquisition Special Offers will not apply if
    customers have existing accounts in the same product approved or closed
    within the last 18 months.

    We look forward to providing you with the best possible service. If
    there is anything we can do to further assist you, please let us know.

    Account Specialist

    South Dakota


    • Some people have been reporting this issue. Seems the glory days may be coming to an end… Still YMMV though. My mom applied for her 2nd card on 2/12/16 and has a bonus tracker on her online account.


  8. I applied for the 50k miles offer , although i still had the world elite card open . I got the welcome package that said i have been approved for the bonus offer yada yada yada . But when i actually got the card and called to confirm the offer , i was declined . saying the last time i had this offer was under 18 months ago so I cant be eligible for it . Any one have ideas on how to get past this ?


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