Citibank Drops Credit Card Funding


By: Frank – @dugup46 – According to multiple reports being seen from this FlyerTalk thread and this Reddit Megathread many users are reporting that they have been denied funding their Citigold checking and/or savings account from Citi using a credit card.  This could potentially be another big loss to the manufactured spending community, which has had to endure the loss of Serve/Bluebird just one month ago.  Check out the latest reports by continuing the article below…

It appears as of 2/9/2016 Citi has disallowed people to fund their checking accounts or savings account with a credit card.  Previously, Citi has allowed any amount up to $100,000, so this is quite a loss to people who might be looking to acquire a quick 150,000 points (between a 100k load and a 50k AA sign up bonus).

nocreditcardsReports indicate that credit cards were being approved through about 10:58AM, when user “MVF Trekker” of FlyerTalk stated that a CSR from Citi informed them that Citi would no longer be accepting debit/credit card funding starting immediately.  Since that time, across FlyerTalk and Reddit, about 5 to 10 new reports have confirmed the news across multiple telephone agents.

As always, we will keep a close eye on the reports and update this post as necessary.  If you just opened a Citigold checking account but have not funded yet, give them a call and report back below!

Jesse’s Note:  I spoke to a Citi rep just now, and confirmed the new policy change.  They are no longer accepting credit/debit card funding for accounts.  I requested a supervisor’s call back, because we opened our account a few days ago, prior to the policy change.  I expect a call tomorrow, and I will report back.

Report:  A manager called back today and stated, in no uncertain terms, that CC funding is done.  She seemed to have stock responses for every one of my contentions/requests.  Looks like this ship has sailed, folks.  😦


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