Why We Love the Discover IT Card – and You Will Too!

it-card-artThe Discover IT card is currently our everyday spending card.  Crazy right… travel bloggers using a cashback card?!  Hear me out… We love earning travel rewards as much as the next person, but the old adage, “Cash is King,” still holds true! 

With the Discover IT, we earn ten percent cash back on gas purchases through the end of March, and then ten percent on restaurant purchases and Amazon purchases in the coming months!!  All other purchases will earn two percent cashback.  That all adds up to some serious moolah!  I’ll break down the benefits of this card for you.

Discover Categories

  1. Double Cashback Promo – For the first year you have this card, ALL cashback that you earn will be doubled.  Discover will take the total amount of cash that you earn in the first year and double it in the 13th month.
  2. $100 Sign up Bonus – When your application is approved, you will get a $50 sign up bonus, which will be doubled to $100!
  3. 1Q16 – 10% Cashback on Gas & Ground Transportation – For the first quarter of 2016, you earn 5% back on up to $1,500 in purchases at gas stations or on ground transportation! (Doubled to 10%)
  4. 2Q16 – 10% Cashback on Restaurants & Movie Theaters – Same deal as first quarter, except now you earn 10% on your dining experiences from April 1 – June 30!
  5. 3Q16 – 10% Cashback on Home Improvement and AMAZON!! – 10% cash back at Amazon is HUGE!  We are certified Amazon-o-holics, so this is very sweet!  (See our Amazon Deals page)
  6. 4Q16 – 10% Cashback at AMAZON AGAIN!! – Whaaaaat??!  Again!
  7. Discover Deals – Discover also offers a cashback portal called Discover Deals.  As a Discover IT cardholder, cashback earned here will also be doubled!

Suffice it to say, this card can earn you some serious cashback!  If you’re interested in the Discover IT card, use this link to apply and earn your $100 ($50 x 2) sign up bonus.  If you and your spouse each get a card, you can get 10% cashback on up to $3,000 ($1,500 per card) in purchases for the quarterly categories!  Brooke and I each have a card, to double our earning potential.  I hope you earn major cash with your Discover IT!  Cheers!

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