Huge Offers on Hilton Amex Cards – Up to 100,000 Points!


American Express currently has two limited-time offers on their co-branded Hilton Cards.  These offers can earn up to 100,000 HHonors Points!  Both offers expire on 5/4/16, so apply ASAP.  See below for details on these offers.

6584_dual_base_topThe no-fee Hilton card can now earn a 75,000 point sign up bonus after spending $1,000!  To my knowledge, this is the highest offer ever for this card.

hilton-surpassScreen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.24.15 AM

If you already have the no-fee card, you can upgrade to the Hilton Surpass card ($75 annual fee) and receive 100,000 points after spending $3,000!  Simply log into your American Express account, and you should see a link to the offer above your current Hilton Amex card.  If you upgrade your card for this offer, it should not result in a hard credit pull.  Again, this is the highest offer I have ever seen.

Since American Express has implemented a “one bonus per product per lifetime” policy, we definitely recommend taking advantage of this offer while it is available!


8 thoughts on “Huge Offers on Hilton Amex Cards – Up to 100,000 Points!

  1. I *just* applied for the card at the 75,000 points surpass level. Is there any way to get them to credit me for the 100,000 offer?


  2. Is it possible to sign up for the first card and then turn around and upgrade it a couple weeks later or is that too short of a turnaround?


    • I wondered this myself, but it usually takes a full statement cycle for the first bonus to post. If you upgraded before the bonus posts, it may mess up the system.


  3. No upgrade offer on website for me. I did a chat and the rep said I had to apply for a new card to get the bonus, that an upgrade would not get me a bonus. I got to thinking about it and since the other card is no annual fee I might as well keep it. I clicked your link and I believe because I had logged into my Amex card from this browser it then offered me the 50,000 points upgrade mentioned by others.


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