Quick Tip – Citi Access to Presale Concert Tickets


Citi offers a random benefit that I literally knew nothing about until today – Access to presale concert tickets.  Apparently, I missed this one in the benefit brocure.  Brooke has been tracking tickets for a Rascal Flatts concert that she really wants to attend.  Apparently the less-expensive tickets sell out almost immediately when the public sale opens.  She discovered that we could buy tickets early using this benefit.  I was able to get in and purchase our tickets, even before the advertised presale opened to the venue’s email list!

The nice thing is, you only need the first 6 digits of a Citi credit card to get early access.  The participating concerts are listed here.  Once you click through, enter the code 546616 to gain access to the tickets.  It does not appear that you have to be a Citi cardholder, and you don’t even have to pay with a Citi card… I used my Chase Sapphire Preferred via Visa Checkout.  Hopefully this helps some of you get tickets before the public sale.  Cheers!


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