Quick Tip – Get a Business Credit Card


I would imagine that a large portion of you do not own a small business.  However, you may be happy to learn that you can still easily qualify for a business credit card!  There are a lot of offers available for personal cards, but there are also some sweet offers on business credit cards.  This becomes particularly useful if you have mostly gotten all of the personal cards you can.  Follow this easy tip to grab a business credit card!

You may not think of yourself as a “business owner,” but I’m willing to bet you’ve sold something before… or maybe you’ve taught lessons and been paid.  Many different activities can be considered as “business.”

Most people will be able to qualify for a business credit card using their social security number in lieu of a tax ID number.  List your business as a sole proprietorship, make up a name,  and state a realistic level of business income.  It does not need to be anything outrageous for approval.  Give it a shot, and you may be surprised!


The Starwood Preferred Guest Business card is currently offering a 25,000 point bonus.  This is enough to fly round trip to Hawaii!  The card has offered more points at times, but this is the highest offer currently available.


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