Big Savings on Amazon Devices Until Father’s Day

TabletAmazon is currently running a big sale on devices, such as Fire Tablets and Kindle E-Readers for Father’s Day.  Discounts range from $10 -$50 off, depending on the device.  These tablets and e-readers would make great gifts for a dad who loves to read, and they also make excellent travel companions! 

I used to SWEAR by paperbacks.  I would cram them into my pack, usually taking two or three at a time.  Not only does this add weight and take up space, but it can also damage the books.  I’ve ripped quite a few covers while smashing them into my bags.

Last month, I finally broke down and bought a 7″ Fire Tablet, and I love it.  I’ve already finished three books using the tablet, and the experience is fantastic.  These are a few of the things I really appreciate about the tablet:

  • Thin/Lightweight – Replaces 2-3 books in my bag.
  • Backlit – I can read at night with the light off, so Brooke can sleep more easily.
  • Text Settings – Settings include a blue light filter.  Blue light has been shown to impede the ability to fall asleep.  Additionally, using a black background/white text is easy on the eyes and saves battery life.
  • Display Size – The 7-inch display is a great proxy for the size of a normal book, and it offers a solid option for watching movies.

One of my contentions with switching to an e-reader was that buying digital books can often be more expensive than buying used paperbacks.  Then I discovered that many libraries offer e-books.  This was a game changer, because now you can borrow an e-book for FREE without even leaving the house!

If you’ve considered buying an e-reader, I recommend taking advantage of this sale.  Also, if you haven’t yet taken advantage of the $10 off $50 gift card offer, use it to save some extra cash!

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