Reader Success Story – Aussie Adventures


Here at Loophole Travel, we LOVE to hear from our readers!  Especially when they send success stories about how they used their points/miles to have awesome adventures.

Loophole Travel reader, Zack P., reached out to us via Facebook to say thanks for helping him and his wife take a dream vacation to Australia!

We used the tips we learned from Loophole Travel to cycle through three American Airlines platinum cards EACH at 50,000 miles per card.  We used 75K miles each to get roundtrip airfare from San Diego to Sydney over my wife’s spring break (she’s a teacher).  We visited Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, and Port Douglas (with an extra stop to visit friends in Seattle).  I’d have to say my favorite thing we did was pet a platypus at the Healesville Sanctuary outside Melbourne.  I also loved seeing thousands of flying foxes heading out of the jungle at sunset to feast on banana farms in Port Douglas.  After all that we still have enough miles to travel anywhere in the world!

How awesome is that?!  He also included an action-packed video of their trip… enjoy!

Thanks for sharing your story, Zack!  If YOU have a success story that you would like featured on Loophole Travel, please reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter, or Email.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Want to make your dream vacation a reality?  Not quite sure how to put all of the pieces together?  We offer Personalized Award Travel Coaching services.  Let us help make your dream a reality!

2 thoughts on “Reader Success Story – Aussie Adventures

  1. “cycle through three American Airlines platinum cards”

    Can you explain this process in further details- for example when did you sign up for 1 st 2nd and 3rd, and when did you cancel? how long did you wait in between?


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