Travel Gear Review: Blundstone – All Purpose Travel Boots


While planning our recent Eurotrip, I began a search for multi-purpose footwear.  I knew that we would be facing a wide variety of terrain, from the grassy fields of Ireland, to the rugged mountains of Scotland, to the streets and restaurants of London and Paris.  I wanted a pair of shoes that could handle the demands of walking/hiking many miles, but also look classy in an upscale Parisian restaurant.  This was a tall order for sure, but I found everything I needed in my pair of Blundstone Boots!

In my shoe research, I consulted a few subreddits and product review websites.  I got a lot of ideas for various types of boots, but recommendations for Blundstones were so prevalent, that I had to follow up.  If you have never heard of Blundstone before, they are originally out of Australia, and they mostly produce lines of “Chelsea-style” boots.  This style features elastic material on the sides, allowing you to slip the boots on/off easily.Blundstone

To cover all of my requirements, I selected a pair of Blundstone #062 Dress Series BootsI love these boots and would 100% recommend them for travelers!  They are comfortable/supportive, versatile, and fashionable.  Let me break down each of these areas for you.

Comfort Tehnology

While considering shoes for travel, comfort is my primary concern.  These boots have several specially designed features to allow for maximum support and comfort.  From the description on Blundstone’s website:

Polyurethane midsole for improved comfort and cushioning. Thermo urethane outsole for improved resistance to hydrolysis and microbial attack. Steel shank for torsional stability. Removable footbed. PORON® XRD™ in the heel strike zone.

That’s a lot of fancy technology for a pair of boots, but I can definitely say it works!  After a brief break-in phase (probably 2-miles walking), the boots felt like butter on my feet.  These are, without a doubt, the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned – easily beating my Wolverine 1000 Mile boots.  During our trip, we walked upwards of 10 miles some days, and my feet were grateful for the cushioned soles.

Uptown to Back Country

These “Dress Series” Blundstone boots are just as well suited for an upscale dinner, as a trek through rugged terrain.  I wore them walking the Cliffs of Moher, hiking up to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, out to dinner in London, walking the rainy streets of Paris, and even to Easter church service in Inverness.  These boots provided support, protection, and kept my feet dry during rainy days.  The durable outsole handled the punishment of hiking over rocks with no problems.  When it was time to dress up for dinner, I simply wiped the dirt off and the premium leather upper shined nicely for a classic dress shoe appearance.

Darn Good Looking

The pictures speak for themselves.  These boots look good!  I specifically selected the #062 Dress Boot, because of the slimmer profile, contrasted stitching, and chiseled toe shape.  When I dress up for a night on the town, these boots are indistinguishable from a nice pair of dress shoes.

The brown color goes well with most of the blue/gray/khaki outfits that I bring for trips.  A huge consideration for packing light is that all of your clothes can work together in various combinations.  It also may seem counter intuitive to recommend boots for travel, because they do not pack well.  I actually never put these boots into a bag, because I wore them during travel days on the plane, train, or bus.

Final Thoughts

In the interest of writing a balanced review, I tried to think of any complaints I had about these boots.  I literally could not think of anything!  The first couple days were a bit of a struggle, because leather boots can be tough to break in.  I developed a small blister at the crease of the boot, but that went away quickly.  The very limited poor reviews on Amazon are complaints about sizing or the rubber soles breaking down.  I had no problem with either of these, as the boots fit true to size and look almost brand new after many miles.

I hope you all find this information useful!  If you would like your own pair of Blundstones, you can shop their website at  If you have those Amazon gift cards that we are always writing about, Blundstones are available on Amazon as well.  The featured pair in this article retails for $175.  I also recommend that you grab a couple pairs of merino wool socks (max comfort, minimal odor).

Here at Loophole Travel, we want to share products that we travel with and love.  Some we’ve purchased on our own.  Others have been graciously offered to us, free of charge, by companies that want the unbiased review of travel enthusiasts.  This article may contain affiliate links.

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