Southwest Released Flight Availability Through March 7, 2017


Southwest released another couple months of flight availability today.  The new schedules went live shortly after 6am EST.  I know this, because Brooke and I set alarms to wake up and book flights to Mexico and Costa Rica in mid-January.  The schedule had previously only been released through January 4th.  If you have a trip planned within the newly-released time block (January 5 – March 7), I recommend booking it now! 

As we discussed in our Top 10 Tips for Southwest article, the airline has a very generous cancellation policy.  You can cancel up until shortly before departure, so go ahead and book now.  Even if the tickets go on sale in the future, you can simply cancel and re-book at the lower price.

We woke up early to book this morning, because one of the flights we wanted from Liberia, Costa Rica to Kansas City was on a specific date, with only one daily flight.  If you have plans to fly on a popular route, and you delay booking, you will likely see the price go up quickly.

If you don’t already have the Companion Pass, I would also recommend reading this post.  This essentially doubles the value of all of your Southwest Miles by allowing you to add a companion to any ticket (cash or points).  You only pay the taxes/fees for their ticket!  If you plan to earn the pass, you can go ahead and book a second ticket now.  Once you earn the pass, cancel the second ticket and re-book it by adding your companion for free!  This way, you can make sure the flight doesn’t fill up!

Good luck booking your trip!  Cheers!


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