About Us

Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy

Jesse is an avid adventurer, bargain hunter, and thrill seeker.  He grew up going to yard sales and flea markets.  His friends know him as a deal hunting specialist.  Without the right eye for loopholes and bargains, traveling can be quite an expensive venture.

Jesse started Loophole Travel to introduce fellow adventure seekers to the wonderful world of Miles and Points in a creative and cost-effective manner!  From credit card bonuses, to mistake fares, to creative travel tactics, significant cash can be saved with the right know-how!

Jesse has a Finance degree from the University of Georgia, and a background working with banks and valuation firms.  He spent his college years learning how money works in the economy, and now he is applying that knowledge to help you see the world in the most economical way available.  His financial advice comes from experience and education.

While not traveling or scouting deals, Jesse enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, serving with the local church, playing the drums, drinking craft beer, and hitting the disc golf course!

National Monument, Colorado, USA
National Monument, Colorado, USA

Brooke enjoys the finer aspects of travel, including luxury hotels, VIP treatment on excursions, gourmet food, and sipping cocktails on a white sand beach.  Brooke is known for her incredibly intricate itineraries.  She has a knack for finding and scheduling amazing excursions, entertainment, activities, and meals.  Brooke’s ideal trip has most details planned out to the minute, which limits wasted time and maximizes experiences.

Trips included in our Dare to Dream section include activities that Brooke planned.  Feel free to follow along with her itinerary, or build your own.

If you find the content on Loophole Travel useful, please consider supporting us by using our Amazon Affiliate Link.  Simply right click and bookmark this link.  Use it when you shop on Amazon, and we will earn a small commission on your purchases.  Thank you! 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. How does one get a password to view protected content? I tried to find the answer on your website, but I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks.


    • Hey David – We only password protect content that involves potentially delicate loopholes. If these were broadcast publicly, they would likely be shut down quickly. We provide the password to our consulting clients.


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