Frank & Danielle

13095818_10104239637529434_7541543436870655724_nFrank and Danielle joined Loophole Travel in November of 2015. They can be described as your everyday couple with a limited budget and a huge eye for travel. Their goal has been to see every corner of the world while keeping their financial overhead at a bare minimum that anybody could afford.

Frank (dugup46) is an active member of Reddit’s churning community which, as of the end of 2015, has over 32,000 subscribers. You will often find him writing tutorials, posting special credit card deals, and answering questions from the community’s new members helping them understand all the ins and outs of award travel.

Japan (17 of 113)Frank and Danielle entered the award travel game in 2014 and have earned nearly two million points their first year between credit card and bank account bonuses. Their hobby has taken them everywhere from across the country to across the world. They have a shared interest in exploring the hidden gems of Pittsburgh, mountain hiking, and relaxing to different genres of electronic music.