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Welcome to Loophole Travel!  When I speak to people about their life goals, I get an almost universal response – TRAVEL.  If someone handed you $1,000,000 today, what would you do?  After perhaps paying off a house/car/student loans, I imagine that “see the world” would be at the top of your list.  What if I told you that this goal is much closer than you may think?  Through the pages of this website, we will provide you the tools, tips, strategies, resources, and loopholes to see the world for virtually free!  I will also share personal trips that my wife and I have taken using the very strategies we will teach you.  Browse through the pages linked below to get started on the path that will unlock some amazing adventures.  Cheers!


  1. Getting Started with Miles & Points – This is our guide to getting started with the points game.  Follow along with this simple guide to learn the nuts and bolts of scoring big travel rewards.  With these instructions, you can earn enough miles/points to fly round trips to Europe AND Hawaii!
  2. Dare to Dream – We share Real Stories of Real Travel.  These stories  and pictures will serve to inspire you to dream of your own adventures.  We provide the strategies to earn your trips, and we build itinerary templates for you to tailor to your own tastes and interests.IMG_3341
  3. Reward Programs – We will break down the ins and outs of various rewards programs, including airlines, hotels, credit cards, cash back portals, and pretty much anything travel-related.  Learn how to optimize the benefits you’ve earned and check the value of each point or mile you have.  
  4. Credit Card Offers – Utilizing credit card bonuses to score free travel is the core strategy we recommend.  Here we will provide links to the best credit card offers available in the market.  This section will change constantly as new offers and strategies develop.hand-over-credit-cards
  5. Manufactured Spending – Earning lucrative bonuses from credit cards often require spending a specific amount within an introductory timeframe.  You can earn points and miles for every dollar spent.  These techniques can help you earn tons of benefits without actually using your own hard-earned money.money_order
  6. Travel Coach – Here we provide personalized consulting services to help you earn and book the vacation of your dreams.  If you want some extra guidance for your specific goals, we are happy to help!Travel Coach
  7. About Us – Meet Jesse and Brooke, husband and wife, and co-authors of this blog.  Learn about us, our adventures, and what credit cards we personally carry to earn our amazing vacations.IMG_5834



4 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Newbie Question: I just called to cancel my Chase Business Ink card. I have had the card for 3 years, never paid interest on the card, spent a large amount at first and then intermittent amounts through the years. I was never referred to a “retention department” or offered anything. The woman just said she would close it. When I asked if she would move my credit line over to another of my personal Chase cards she said she couldn’t because they were different types of cards even though when I opened the Business card, I moved credit from personal to business to do so. I am afraid of my personal credit getting dinged now if that credit amount is not moved over to my personal. The yearly fee of $95 comes out on February 25th. Should I just call closer to the time and ask another rep to close it and hope they offer to wave the yearly fee?


    • Chase almost never offers retention bonuses. You will have to make a decision about whether you get enough value from the card to pay the fee. You could also downgrade to the Ink Cash.


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