New Orleans – A Tale of Two Trips

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I have mentioned before that Brooke and I have different perspectives on travel.  These differences can be seen quite clearly in our recent three-day weekend to New Orleans. We both had a great time but experienced two very different sides of the Big Easy.  Brooke’s trip was meticulously planned and involved nice hotels, plantation tours, and fancy restaurants. My trip was completely unplanned, booked at the last minute, included an AirBNB, and plenty of random adventures.

We decided to visit New Orleans when Brooke planned a ladies weekend for her sisters and mom.  I opted to tag along at the last minute, because we have the Southwest Companion Pass, and I simply couldn’t let a free ticket go to waste.  We managed to keep the entire trip cost under $100 (excluding food and entertainment).  Enjoy this tale of two trips told from our own point of view… Continue reading