Quick Tip – Free Sam’s Club Membership with Amex Offers

54179aee8f96d.imageA new Amex Offer rolled out recently, offering $45 back on $45 spent for a Sam’s Club Membership.  The offer terms state that this will only be applicable to new memberships opened in-store (not online or over the phone).  You must also open your new membership before 9/30/16 to be eligible.  Continue reading


Simple Trick to Save $20, $40, or More at Sams Club


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I recently logged in to my American Express account to check the offers and discovered one for $20 off of $20 spent at samsclub.com.  Boom, free stuff!  Wait, I’m not a Sams Club member… guess I can’t take advantage of this freebie.  I decided to visit their website anyway to investigate.  I discovered that not only could I purchase items, but I could actually do better than the free $20! Continue reading