Southwest Released Flight Availability Through March 7, 2017


Southwest released another couple months of flight availability today.  The new schedules went live shortly after 6am EST.  I know this, because Brooke and I set alarms to wake up and book flights to Mexico and Costa Rica in mid-January.  The schedule had previously only been released through January 4th.  If you have a trip planned within the newly-released time block (January 5 – March 7), I recommend booking it now!  Continue reading


Trip Report: Valentine’s Day at Hyatt Zilara Jamaica

Hyatt Zilara with Mountain Backdrop

By: Frank – @dugup46 – When Danielle and I sat down 8 months ago to plan our Valentine’s Day trip, it only took 10 minutes to set our hearts on the Caribbean.  Being from Pittsburgh, we knew we wanted to escape the cold, and there aren’t many better places in the world to do that than Jamaica.  However, the problem is never where to go, but how to get there… or more precisely, how to get there for free!

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Two Easy Steps for a Free New York City Weekend Vacation

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By: Frank – @dugup46  The first reaction I receive from people when I tell them I am a world traveler is, “Wow!  That is something I have always wanted to do, but I could never afford it.”  Well, I wrote this simple post just for you (and your significant other) to show you that world-class travel is very much within your reach!  By following this very beginner-friendly guide, you will be booking your $4,000 New York City weekend getaway as early as this spring.  This guide will explain the steps to use publicly-available deals to cover airfare and hotel costs from anywhere in the United States for two people!  So if you have 15 minutes, let’s go ahead and get started! Continue reading

Top Ten Southwest Airlines Tips


Many of you are planning to earn your Southwest Companion Pass at the beginning of 2016 to take advantage of two years of free flights with a companion.  Brooke and I have enjoyed our free trips on Southwest this year, and we have learned a few things in the process.  Follow along for our Top Ten Southwest Airline Tips.  Continue reading

New Orleans – A Tale of Two Trips

IMG_7849Author’s Note: We earn a commission for some links on this site.  Please see our Advertiser Disclosure for information.

I have mentioned before that Brooke and I have different perspectives on travel.  These differences can be seen quite clearly in our recent three-day weekend to New Orleans. We both had a great time but experienced two very different sides of the Big Easy.  Brooke’s trip was meticulously planned and involved nice hotels, plantation tours, and fancy restaurants. My trip was completely unplanned, booked at the last minute, included an AirBNB, and plenty of random adventures.

We decided to visit New Orleans when Brooke planned a ladies weekend for her sisters and mom.  I opted to tag along at the last minute, because we have the Southwest Companion Pass, and I simply couldn’t let a free ticket go to waste.  We managed to keep the entire trip cost under $100 (excluding food and entertainment).  Enjoy this tale of two trips told from our own point of view… Continue reading

Our 3-Day Weekend in New York City for $100

Big Apple Small MoneyAuthor’s Note: We earn a commission for some links on this site.  Please see our Advertiser Disclosure for information.

Brooke and I were fortunate enough to get in on the now-famous Etihad mistake fare tickets.  We booked two round trip tickets from New York to Abu Dhabi for $250 each!  The only wrinkle in this fantastic deal – we do not live in New York.  The ticket deal was simply too good to pass up, so we decided to book a “positioning flight” from home to NYC.  Since we would be passing through the big city, we added a few extra days for adventures in Manhattan.  We used Southwest RR points from my Chase Southwest Premier Card and our Companion Pass to get round trip tickets to the Big Apple for FREE!  The weekend we spent in the big city was an absolute blast! Continue reading

Two People – Two Years – Free Flights

companion_cardAuthor’s Note: We earn a commission for some links on this site.  Please see our Advertiser Disclosure for information.

The headline on this post may seem absolutely absurd, but I assure you that it is entirely possible. Here I will teach you how to get your hands on what most people consider the greatest perk offered by any airline worldwide – the Southwest Companion Pass! Come along with me through the loophole! Continue reading