Travel Resources – Great Blogs and Websites


Sir Isaac Newton is credited with saying, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” I am much less profound, but I must give credit to the other bloggers and websites who got us started in the points game. These resources have been key to our success in earning significant point balances! This list is comprised of our favorite miles/points resources.


  • /r/ChurningThis sub-reddit community is active and creative. Members and moderators produce great ideas almost daily. New users can ask questions and get expert answers on weekly “Moronic Monday” threads, while more seasoned members can debate the finer points of synergistic strategies. This is an absolute wealth of timely knowledge!doctorofcredit-header
  • Doctor Of Credit – Will over at DoC is an innovator and has a talent for making complex processes easy to understand. His blog pumps out multiple daily posts covering topics like credit card and bank account bonuses, cashback portals, Amex offers, banking news, and more.cover170x170
  • Travel is FreeDrew and Caroline (Freakin Flyers) are absolute experts in the art of earning and redeeming free travel awards. They have traveled the globe, and they offer some of the most creative and thorough idea for award redemptions. If you want to learn the sweet spots in Airline award charts, or how to squeeze every ounce of goodness from hotel points, check out their resource page!ThriftyTraveler3
  • Thrifty Traveler – My good friend Jared writes this blog. His crazy free travel stories were the final push that got me into the game. He has extensive experience earning and redeeming points, and he also posts tons of discounted flight deals. This guy knows the stuff, and he walks the talk! His pictures are also pretty great.960x250-TWG-Logo
  • Travel with GrantGrant is an excellent blogger with detailed articles on points redemptions, trip booking reports, and many other topics. He is also great with coverage of Amex offers. He posts the best offers to his twitter account, so I definitely recommend following him for that, among other things!

These are my top recommendations at this time. I should also mention “the big guys” in the points game – The Points Guy and Million Mile Secrets. My early education came from their articles, including our first mistake fare to Dubai… thanks TPG! Finally, if you’ve gotten into the game, and you’re ready for more advanced information, head over to Flyertalk and jump into the threads. Information there is a bit jumbled, and you may have to read hundreds of comments to uncover gold… but it is there!

What are your favorite travel blogs/resources? Link them up in the comments below! Cheers!