Introducing the Hotel Spotlight Series

W French Quarter Courtyard

When we at Loophole Travel take a vacation, we don’t just pick random hotel properties.  Each destination we visit takes weeks, if not months, of planning.  Whether it’s the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto or an AirBNB in the Irish countryside, we make sure we get the best value for our cash or points.  Jesse introduced the Dare to Dream series with the launch of the site, showcasing the entire vacation experience.  Our newest feature, Hotel Spotlight, will focus on the individual accommodations of those vacations.

What is the Hotel Spotlight series?

We feel that the lodging experience makes up a great part of our vacations, and these properties deserve a little more recognition.  In the new Hotel Spotlight series, we want to really break down why we chose the individual hotels, guest homes, AirBNB’s, castles, bungalows, and more.  We will describe the cost, room type, amenities, dining, and anything else that sets the property apart.  We have the opportunity to travel to many countries across the world and see a wide variety of accomodations.  Hopefully our experiences will help make your search for lodging a little easier on your trips.

We will not be rating the properties that we showcase.  Each property will have some perks and the occasional pitfall.  It’s tough to compare a countryside AirBNB to a high end property that books for $1,000+ per night, using a standard rating system.  We will simply perform an unbiased review of the property and experience.  If you ever book properties we review, please let us know!  We love comparing stories with fellow travelers.

What will be the format for the Hotel Spotlight?

The Hotel Spotlight series will be very easy to follow.  If you are familiar with the ongoing Dare to Dream series, you’ll be pleased to know we will follow a very similar format.  Our reviews will be broken down into five categories:


  • Points & Cash Expenses
    • Average cost per night in points, cash, or a combination of the two.
  • Hotel & Room Overview
    • Review of the ambiance of the property, and the room itself.
  • Service & Conveniences
    • Amenities and the service you can expect from the staff.
  • Restaurants & Dining
    • Dining options on property.
  • X-Factor 
    • The single wow factor that makes the place unique.

Keeping the same format as the Dare to Dream series allows our readers to jump to the area of the article that relates to them the most.

Let us know when you book properties from the Hotel Spotlight

We love discussing hotels, vacations, flights, and just the entire trip experience with our readers.  In addition to that, we occasionally have some contacts at the properties.  When you let us know that you booked a property we reviewed, we may be able to put in a good word with the concierge for your check in.

Closing Remarks & Full Disclosure

It’s very important we state two things:

  1. NONE of the hotel reviews we post are paid reviews.
  2. We stay at every property we review.

At times, a property may offer a complementary meal, room upgrade, or discounted accommodation.  In return, they can expect an honest, unbiased article to be published.  All reviews in our Hotel Spotlight series will be 100% authentic from our own personal experiences there.  Be on the look out for our Hotel Spotlight series – coming soon!


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